ICAO Aviation Security training (1 2 3 base)

On Monday, March 20, 2023, the first basic security training session (123 base) began, organized by the CCAA Training School at the AVSEC ICAO Regional Training Center in Douala. This session welcomed twenty-five (25) agents of International Airport Control Company and Security Services (SICASS) and one (01) agent of the Cameroon Postal Service (CAMPOST).

At the end of this training led by Certified and experienced Safety Instructors, learners will be able to:
✈️ Work and circulate safely at the airport;
✈️Communicate and cooperate with other airport services;
✈️ Control the movement of people and vehicles;
✈️ Protect vulnerable areas, facilities and aircraft at the airport by performing guards and patrols;
✈️ Recognize explosive or incendiary weapons and devices;
✈️Inspect, check and search passengers and baggage;
✈️ Respond to emergency situations at the airport.

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