Air cargo and mail security

From May 22 to 26, 2023, the Douala AVSEC ICAO Regional Training Center hosted the third training session in “Air cargo and mail security”, for the benefit of eight (08) agents from Cameroon Airports (ADC) .
At the end of this session led by certified and experienced AVSEC Instructors, learners have acquired the knowledge to:
🛩️ Know the origin and purpose of the security measures and procedures necessary to protect freight and mail against acts of unlawful interference;
🛩️ Understand the nature of the threat posed to civil aviation by acts of unlawful interference in cargo and postal operations;
🛩️ Understand the freight security chain;
🛩️ Understand the role of the competent authority and operators in the implementation of freight and postal security;
🛩️ Apply the appropriate security checks to cargo and mail from acceptance until departure of the aircraft, including screening inspection and search of packages;
🛩️ Apply appropriate security controls to cargo facilities, vehicles, transport units and equipment.

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