Aircraft Maintenance and Recycling Training

The CCAA Training School (EFO) and the National Polytechnic School of Yaoundé (ENSPY) are organizing training in Aircraft Maintenance and Recycling from May 3, 2022 at the EFO headquarters located at the international airport. of Yaoundé-Nsimalen.

This training will be sanctioned by a certificate of aptitude attesting to the acquisition of skills in the management of end-of-life aircraft. It will also be a question of granting to candidates who have successfully completed the course, professional certification in the field of aircraft airworthiness and aeronautical maintenance (dismantling and recycling).

In terms of prospects, graduates can be in high demand in a professional environment in many organizations. With this prized diploma in civil aviation, they can be welcomed by organizations managing the continuing airworthiness, approved aircraft maintenance and those of the Civil Aviation Administration.

Also, a few years of experience as technical staff and/or technical management staff in these organizations will allow them to subsequently obtain a license in maintenance of category C aircraft according to the regulations in force.

Lasting 12 months, the theoretical part will take place at EFO and the practice at ENSPY. The competition is scheduled for April 15, 2022 and the deadline for submitting applications is March 31, 2022.

For more information on the aircraft refresher training offer, please visit the EFO website.

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